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For some, the dream summer vacation is a product of years of planning and anticipation. Now, a new study suggests that when we fantasize about such trips we tend to ignore negative possibilities, compromising our decision-making down the line.
were interested in the effects of positive fantasies what happens when people imagine an buy isabel marant sneakers idealized, best-case-scenario version of the future, compared to shop isabel marant when they imagine a less idealized version," said researcher Heather Kappes.
is one of the first papers to examine selective information acquisition at this early stage, before people are seriously considering a possibility. study investigated isabel marant boots the potential consequences of a scenario like this: You would like to take a trip to Australia this year but think you are very unlikely to do so - you have no more vacation time left, cannot afford it, or would rather save up for a new car.
But you still daydream about how nice it would be to see the [url=]mulberry outlet online store[/url] Australian Outback and lie on the white sand beaches, perhaps without thinking about the long plane ride there [url=]mulberry bags sale[/url] or the poisonous animals. effects are [url=]celine sale[/url] pronounced when people are not seriously considering [url=]mulberry outlet[/url] pursuing a given future, Kappes says.
Researchers isabel marant sneaker sale believe the finding have important implications.
people are seriously considering implementing a decision like taking a trip, they often engage in careful deliberations about the pros versus cons, Kappes said.
work suggests that before getting to this point, positive fantasies might lead people to acquire biased information - to learn more about the pros rather than the cons. Thus, even if people deliberate very carefully on the information they acquired, [url=]celine handbags sale[/url] they could still make poor decisions. need to isabel marant shop online be aware of these effects to ensure that they acquire balanced information before it is time to make a decision, she says.
Researchers also belief the study shows that positive mental imagery may not always result in a beneficial outcome.
there are benefits to imagining a positive future, there are also drawbacks, and it important to recognize them in order to most effectively pursue our goals. Society for Personality and Social Psychology
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